What is CSA?


Community Supported Agriculture is a business model that connects consumers to farmers based on mutual respect, community, and food security. 
By choosing to buy shares in our 2017 crop, you will be provided with organically grown, fresh local produce.  
The CSA model has been gaining ground over the past decade as consumers have been catching on to its benefits and community-based ideals.
We hope you choose to join us in trying to bring back the all-but-forgotten relationship that we once had with our food and those who grow it.  Your taste buds will thank you.

Last season we marketed and advertised our first season of CSA shares at a 20% discount as a way to attract members to this model of business, and as a thank you to those who chose to embark on this journey with us.  This year, we are happy to offer a 10% discount to our returning CSA customers from 2016.  They are the ones who helped us get this venture started, and we love the connections we've been able to establish with our members.  

For new and prospective members:  

The premise is simple. You buy shares (memberships) in our crops.  We provide weekly quality, organically-grown produce to you at a fair price.  Some weeks the shares may contain slightly more or less diverse offerings than the previous week.  This is the nature of eating seasonally. We strive to offer reliable staples, interesting and tasty heirloom varieties and yummy herbs.

Full Shares will typically contain 8 to 12 different items (sometimes more)
Half shares will typically contain 6-8 different items. (sometimes more)

A Full share will typically feed 4 people for one week.
A Half share will typically feed 2 people for one week.

Prices for 2017:
-Full Share = $625.00
-Half Share = $375.00

*Returning 2016 members receive 10% discount on 2017 prices.
**Our 2017 CSA runs from June 17th until September 30th.

You can expect to receive a good amount of food. Larger shares can be priced out if you have a larger family or are voracious veg eaters.
In weeks that are less abundant, we will often include cut flowers, or local goodies (In the past we have partnered with local producers to offer locally-made lip balm, raw honey, chocolate bars, and local apples and pears.  We also partnered with Nation River Farms in Fournier, Ontario to bring our members locally grown organic heirloom varieties of cherry tomatoes grown in their greenhouse.

We are happy to once again partner with great local entrepreneurs who act as our pickup locations.  We deliver on Saturdays, at the following locations:

CSA Veg Share Pickup Locations:

Sweet Tooth Bakery,
saturdays between 12:30 and 4pm
191 Military rd.

rurban brewing.
SATURDAYs between 1pm and 4pm

saturdays between 2pm and 4pm
 glenelg road, 1 km west of dalkeith


We will include a weekly newsletter with all shares which containing recipes for some of the vegetables included in that week's crop, projected bumper dates, crop news, and announcements.

See images below for examples of CSA shares and some of the varieties we grow.